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A box of choclates and some lolys

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Q: What to buy a sponsor for confirmation?
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Is confirmation sponsor supposed to buy the dress?

Only if it's a present for the Confirmation candidate.

Can the mothers be the sponsor in confirmation in a Catholic Church?

No, but, she can act as stand in for the chosen sponsor, should the sponsor not be able to be physically present at the Confirmation Mass.

Can you be a confirmation sponsor if you are not confirmed?

No, you would need to be confirmed to be a sponsor.

Can a priest be a confirmation sponsor?

Confirmation does not normally require a sponsor, although most bishops ask for one. In the case that your bishop requires a sponsor, he would issue the rules for that, normally any confirmed Catholic in good standing with the Church.

Does the sponsor at confirmation have to say anything?

No. Only the Confirmation candidate him/herself speaks.

Can a man be a girls sponsor in confirmation?

Yes they can.

What a sponsor need to do for confirmation?

A sponsor can be male or female, and must be at least age 16, a Catholic in good standing, and confirmed.

Can a confirmation candidate have a non-Catholic sponsor and a Catholic sponsor?

A sponsor is not required at Confirmation, although many bishops allow them, or even require them. Only one sponsor is customary where it is required, if you would like more than one, you would have to have your pastor check with the Bishop.

Can a deacon be a Confirmation Sponsor?

Yes, no problem. If the deacon is assisting the bishop at the Confirmation, he can step down to sponsor at Confirmation then return. If he is not assisting the bishop, he simply sits in the congregation with the other sponsors, without vesting.

What is a Confirmation sponsor?

A Confirmation sponsor is a confirmed Catholic in good standing who mentors the Confiramation candidate before he or she is confirmed. Traditionally the Confirmation sponsor is a Godparent (connecting Baptism to Confirmation), but does not have to be.

Who can be a sponsor at confirmation?

Usually the young person's godparents.

What is a confirmation sponsor proxy?

Someone who stands in for the sponsor if the sponsor cannot make the ceremony. The proxy should also be Catholic and Confirmed.