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He uses an Odyssey XG7 a.k.a The Fang. (Actual name I didn't make that up)

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Q: What putter does Luke Donald use?
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When was Luke Donald born?

Luke Donald was born on 1977-12-07.

How old is Luke Donald?

UK golfer Luke Donald is 40 years old (birthdate December 7, 1977).

Golf club can you use the back of your putter to play a shot?

Yes, you are permitted to use the back of your putter.

Where do Luke Donald live?

Northfield IL

Where is golf player Luke Donald from?


How do you putt with a belly putter?

A belly putter is designed to be anchored into your belly button and then you can use any variation of a putting grip you want. The idea is that the putter pivots about your belly button, and you swing it without as much use as the arms as you would find with a normal putter.

What was Luke Donald's handicap when he as 16?

plus 4

Where is Luke Donald playing this year?

he is the American golfer

What are the release dates for Feherty - 2011 Luke Donald 1-11?

Feherty - 2011 Luke Donald 1-11 was released on: USA: 30 August 2011

When do you use a putter for golf?

You would use a putter when you are on the green, or just off the green to roll the ball into the hole (well that's the plan!)

Can you use a scotty Cameron futura phantom putter headcover on your scotty Cameron futura putter?

No, it would not fit.

What PGA player was an art major in college?

Luke Donald