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Q: What popular PGA tour player is nicknamed lefty?
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Which south American pga tour player is nicknamed Spider-Man for the way he reads his line on the green?

Camilo Villegas

What are the Most popular irons on the PGA tour?

What is the most popular irons used on the PGA tour ANSWER: I think it's the Taylormade R1 and Callaway drivers..

What is the most popular coach tours in the UK?

Some of the most popular coach tours in the UK are the Castles and Gardens tour, and the Cambridge and the Sport of Kings tour. There is also the Durham Dales and Hadrian's wall tour which is spectacular.

How popular is the tour de France comparied to other sports?

The Tour de France is not a sport - it is an event.

What is the most popular iron on the pro tour?


What is the most popular thing to do in Paris?

A bus tour

What is popular in Irving TX?

The most popular thing to do in Irving, Texas is to go on a tour. You can tour the Texas Stadium which is a very fun and interesting thing to go do when visiting.

Can rescue clubs be used in PGA tour?

Yes, and they are very popular. You will rarely find a PGA Tour pro who doesn't use one. On the Champion's Tour and LPGA/LET Tour they are extremely popular, with players having at least one, but some players carry as many as 3.

What are the release dates for Tour of Duty - 1987 Popular Forces 2-8?

Tour of Duty - 1987 Popular Forces 2-8 was released on: USA: 21 February 1989

Can you play guitar hero on tour if your left handed?

yep there is a function on the options tab =D have fun it is a pretty good game

Who is the only golfer to have been named Player of the Year on the Nationwide Tour and The PGA tour?

Tom Lehman

What is the most popular tire used in tour?

Depends on the model of the racecar