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Based on local pro-shops at the Golf course all over Florida

The Averages golfer in the USA Only 25- 30% can Honestly hit under 100 with no Mulligan's of any kind.

Using strict PGA tour rules 25-30% can be under 100 on average. This is what I was told I . Just think how many times you technically touch the ball or take mulligans it adds up. Thanks Quimby

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According to the USGA, Fewer than 5% worldwide ever break 100
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twenty percent

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Q: What percentage of golfers shoot under 100?
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When less than one percent of all golfers in the world ever break 100 why is it that par for most golf courses in the world is set at 72?

I'm afraid that is way off, I would say 1% of golfers fail to break 100 at one point in their life would be more accurate than the above stat. Par is set at 72 for most courses because there is 18 holes, either par 3, mostly par 4's and some par 5's, the total they add up to is 72 (some courses vary from 69-73). If par was 100 top pros would be maybe 125 under for a tournament which is just silly. The problem you have pointed out is solved by the handicap system, which allows golfers to shoot net under par.

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