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Yes it does.

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Not so much. The most important thing is velocity, tracking, rotation, accuracy, and hitting the sweet spot or "pocket" of the pins. You will get more pin action from 16 pound ball than a 6 pound ball thrown with the same velocity though, so in broader general terms yes, but not from just a difference in a few pounds alone.

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Yes. However this is not the main determining factor. The easiest answer is that one should throw the heaviest ball that is easy for them to swing while maintaining control. That may be a 14 pound ball instead of a 16 pound. The difference the weight would make in this case is marginal. The main difference would be in the revolution/rotation of the ball as well as speed/accuracy where it is contacts the pocket.

Obviously my eight year old throwing a six pound ball is going to knock down fewer pins than i am throwing a 16 pound ball. However if thrown accurately, I can knock down most to all of the pins pretty consistently throwing the six pound bowl myself.

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Q: What one dose this to a bowling ball to knock down the pins?
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What is a bowling ball?

A bowling ball is a ball that is used in the game of bowling, where you roll the ball down an aisle and try to knock down as many pins as you can.

Why was the bowling ball made?

To knock down the pins.

When a bowling ball collidies with a bowling pin?

it tries to knock all the pins down

When you knock down 0 bowling pins?

That's called a "gutter ball".

The trem used for knocking down all the pins in one turn?

a strike ( if you knock all the bowling pins down with one " throw " of the bowling ball )

In bowling what is the objective?

The objective of Bowling is to knock down and many pins as possible.

What is it called when you knock down all the pins?

In Bowling the term used when knock down all the pins is "Strike".

What is the difference between Skittles and bowling?

Bowling is a sport in which you roll a heavy ball down a lane to try and knock down 10 pins set up in a triangular shape. Skittles are a candy.

Why is a bowling ball so heavy?

Because it needs to have enough mass and spin to travel down the lane and knock over the pins.

How many pins do you get if you get a spare in bowling?

You have to knock down ten pins in two tries to get a spare.

How does the weight of a bowling ball dentermines how many pins it will knock down?

the weight of the ball does have an impact because the heavier the ball the more drive through the pin thus creating more pinfall.

How do you make a ten pin in bowling?

Knock it down.