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If you look at any Track and Field event as a test of skills (jumping, throwing, running short or long), in a Decathlon the test is versatility. The ten events include all the range of skills from the speed of the 100 meters, speed and jumping of the long jump, the strength or power of the shot put, the explosiveness and coordination of the high jump, then the speed endurance of the 400 meters. That's just the first day. Then you have to come back the following day to the skill events, 110 hurdles, discus throw, pole vault and javelin throw. The final event, the 1500 meters, less than a mile, might not seem that far to a distance runner, but to someone who has adapted to excel in the previous nine events, those 3 3/4 laps around the track are a long way to run.

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Q: What motivates you to join in decathlon?
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