What is usain bolt's 40 time?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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he ran a controversial 4.1 at a Texas workout during training camp

and ran a 4.42 and a 4.45 at the Tennessee Volunteers NFL Pro Day

There were 25 NFL clubs in attendance -- with Bengals tight ends coach Jonathan Hayes and Rams linebackers coach Mike Cox in attendance. Twelve prospects took part, including track athlete Justin Gatlin, working out indoors in Field Turf.

WR Justin Gatlin (5-11 7/8, 195): Ran a 4.45 and a 4.42 in the 40. Had a 40 ½-inch vertical jump, 11-foot long jump, 4.4 short shuttle and 7.36 cone drill and 12 reps in the bench press. The former Olympic sprinter faces long odds of getting signed"

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when he tried out for the Houston Texans football team he ran a 4.1 forty yard dash time at the tryout, i read somewere that he ran a 3.78 and a 3.82 in the forty but i don't know if that's true its most likely that he ran the 4.1 . u may be wondering well then people like Darren mcfadden are just as fast as him but Justin gatlin is a 100 meter dash sprinter and no matter what person yo hit your maximum speed at 40 meters or 50 yards n then the rest of the race is maintaining the speed so Justin gatlin would destroy somebody like Darren mcfadden in the 100 but in the 40 hed only win by like 5 yards which is like 15 feet

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usain bolts 40 dash time is 0.4 seconds

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Q: What is usain bolt's 40 time?
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