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My thought would be tha the record would be 1:44.9 run by Jim Ryun in Terre Haute Indiana. Since the world went to meter distances with the exception that he mile is still run in many international meets, the record would probably stand even though several runners competing at the shorter 800 meter distance would have completed 880 yards in a faster time that Ryun. R. Smith- Cary NC. mets

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Q: What is the world record in the 880 yard run?
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What world records did peter snell set?

Peter Snell set a world record in the 800 meters of 1:44.3 at a meet in Christchurch in 1962 and ran a 2:16.6 in the 1000 meter run in 1964. These times remain New Zealand national records. He also set world records in the mile run and 880 yard run.

Who holds the fastest record in the 100 yard dash for men over age 40?

Canada's Ed Whitlock holds the world record, having run 38:04.13 in Brisbane in 2001

What is an 880 run?

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What Cowboys 99 yard run from scrimmage put him in the NFL record book in 1993?

Tony Dorsett

Could a man in 1970's in college run 100 yard dash in 9.8 seconds?

It is highly improbable, as the world record for most of the seventies was 9.9 seconds, so i doubt it.

What is the 3 mile run time world record?

The world record for the 3-mile run is 12 minutes and 51 seconds, set by Daniel Komen of Kenya in 1997.

What is the American high school record in the 440 yard run?

Usain Bolt was clocked at 3.9 sec in the 40 yard dash at a sports complex in Florida. That's faster than what it takes to read these sentences!

What is the world record in Temple Run 2?

The current world record in Temple Run 2 is held by Imran Chua, who scored 52,659,760 points in the game.

When did Lisbon run the world?

Starting in 2008 they had the pros run a separate course that does not. The pros start on the other side and run a world record eligible course.

Who set world records the mile 15000 in 1960?

In 1960, Herb Elliott set the world record for the one-mile run, and Pyotr Bolotnikov set the world record for the 15,000 meters run. Elliott's record stood until 1966, while Bolotnikov's record lasted until 1971.

What is the world record for Temple Run?

The world record is held by Blake Bell, who earned 119,211,030 points in a single game of Temple Run

What is the current record time of Ethiopian athlete Tirunesh Dibaba?

Tirunesh Dibaba has the world record in the 5,000 meter run at 14:11.15 and the Olympic record in the 10,000 meter run at 29:54.66.