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While a modern set of club is limited to 14 clubs, there is no certain number of clubs in a hickory set. Frances Ouimet only carried 7 clubs when he won the U.S. Open. Players like Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen carried over 20 clubs in their bag. Most people who play hickory Golf today, carry between 7 and 14 clubs in their bag. I would consider 7 clubs a minimum for a serious hickory golfer. These would include a Driver, fairway wood, putter, mid-iron, mashie, mashie-niblick, and niblick or some slight variation. I carry 10 clubs in my set....Driver, fairway wood, mid-iron, mashie, spade mashie, mashie niblick, 50 degree niblick, 56 degree niblick and a putter. Part of the fun of hickory golf is building a set that suits your style of play.

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Q: What is the value of a hickory golf club?
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