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Q: What is the resting heart rate of tiger woods?
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What is a good resting heart rate?

A good resting heart rate is when your heart beats good and when your heart is in a good position.

The resting heart rate is fastest in adult life?

is the resting heart rate is fastest in adult life

Do you find the lower your resting heart rate the harder it is to reach your maximum heart rate?

No, because if you have a lower resting heart rate you are usually healthy, but it can depend on the person.

What component of fitness can lead to a decrease in resting heart rate?

Cardiovascular fitness can lead to a decrease in resting heart rate.

What if a 40 year old has a resting heart rate of 55?

A resting heart rate of 55 for a 45 year old is ideal.

What should your resting heart rate be at?

Your resting pulse is the rate of your pulse when you are resting (when your not doing exersice).

When resting my heart rate is 98 beats per minute 32 is that normal?

normal heart rate ranges from 60-100. but i wound't consider it normal to have a resting heart rate of 98.

Why do you need to check your heart rate before you run?

To establish your "resting" heart rate.

What your resting heart rate?

you shouold know

Is a resting heart rate of 100 normal?

I actually went to the dr yesterday and my resting heart rate was over 100. That is not normal and she recommended that I have my thyroid checked. You definitely need to see a dr if you have a high heart rate.

Is a 150bpm a normal heart rate?

Genuinely depends on your age and the level of exertion you are having. If you were a baby in the womb then this could be considered a normal resting heart rate. If you are doing strenuous exercise, this could again be a normal heart rate. However, in an adult a normal resting heart rate is usually between 60 - 100 bpm. A healthy resting heart rate is more likely between 60 and 70 bpm. A resting heart rate is when you are doing no activity, such as lying down. If your heart rate is 150bpm when you are at rest this could be a sign that you are pretty unhealthy. A resting heart rate this high should probably be checked out by a doctor as it could lead to health complications in the future.

Why does my resting heart rate never go below 70 bpm you are 63?

For some people they simply will have a naturally higher or lower resting heart rate. This is nothing to be worried about and in an adult 70 as a resting heart rate is within the normal range. I have a natural very high resting heart rate of about 114 to 129 and doctors have constantly said do not worry about it it is simply natural