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eye-say-oh eye-oh-key

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Q: What is the pronunciation of Isao Aoki?
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When was Isao Aoki born?

Isao Aoki was born on 1942-08-31.

Who is the most famous Japanese golfer?

First of all, Japanese do not golf!

Which Japanese golfer is the only player to have won events on the pga tour senior tour Japanese European and australasian tours?

isao aoki

Which golfer is nicknamed 'Tower'?

Golfer Isao Aoki earned the nickname 'Tower' because of comparisons between his tall stature and the Tokyo Tower.

What has the author Aoki Noe written?

Aoki Noe has written: 'Aoki Noe'

What is the birth name of Rocky Aoki?

Rocky Aoki's birth name is Hiroaki Aoki.

What is the birth name of Dan Aoki?

Dan Aoki's birth name is Daniel Aoki.

What is the birth name of Devon Aoki?

Devon Aoki's birth name is Devon Edwenna Aoki.

Why do you double hit a golf ball?

Most likely because you deceled the club speed before you hit it, so when you hit the ball it doesn't have enough momentum to avoid hitting your club again.

When was Isao Takagi born?

Isao Takagi was born in 1961.

When did Isao Tamagawa die?

Isao Tamagawa died in 2004.

When was Isao Tamagawa born?

Isao Tamagawa was born in 1922.