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A bib.

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Q: What is the piece of cloth with a number on it and pinned to a runner in a race called?
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What is a dressmakers pattern?

A dressmakers pattern is something intended as a guide for making something else, The pattern is usually a paper shape that is pinned to cloth, so that the cloth can be cut to the shape of the pattern.

What is combat 'v'?

A brass "V" about the size of this actual letter which is pinned on the cloth portion of the medal or the ribbon. The "V" stands for Valor.

Why is a table cloth called a table cloth?

Table cloth is called table cloth because it is used to cover the table.its called a table cloth because it is a cloth that you put on a table you idiot.

What cloth does Indonesians wear?

Normal cloth.... But their traditional cloth are called Batik....

What is a white cloth filter?

White cloth filters are called cheese cloth.

How do you use a table runner?

A table runner is a length of cloth about 12 inches wide and 4 or more feet long. It lays on top of the table as a decoration, you usually add a centerpiece.

What is a scrap of cloth called?

It's called a scrap of cloth, there isn't a special name for it.

What do you call a cloth made from wool?

Cloth made from wool is called wool cloth.

In roman what was placed around the young roman infant?

Babies often wrapped in 'swaddling clothes which were strips of cloth that kept the baby's arms pinned tightly against its body

What do you call a piece of cloth?

A small piece of cloth is usually called a patch. A small piece of cloth could also be called a rag or a washcloth.

Who is the cloth star of LittleBigPlanet games?

The 'cloth star' is called Sackboy.

What is the Latin word for cloth?

the Latin word for cloth is called :tela