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1.6 million

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Q: What is the pay by places for US Open golf tournament?
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How many winners are there in the US Open golf tournament?

There's only one winner in any tournament ... but that not to say that only the winner gets paid ... in golf you can come in 40th and still get a nice pay check ...

How much did the 89th Golf Tournament pay to the winner?

$2.1 million

How many places does the masters tournament pay?

Full details can be found here

How much for spectator entry fees for masters golf tournament?

Spectator tickets for the Masters Golf Tournament start at $1,120 and go to $1,240. Many will pay a higher price as often the only tickets that are available are from scalpers.

What is the pay scale for the masters golf tournament?

Full details can be found here

What are the pay outs for the US Open tennis?

The amount of prize money varies by year, but you can check on the tournament's web site to find out what it is now.

US Open golf how much earning did tiger make?

$15 now that he's gonna have to pay his wife off

What is the pay scale of the US Open tennis tournament for players?

There are several resources online that cover this topic. Go to the US open tennis website, then navigate to About -> History -> Prize Money

Do Gamebattles charge?

if you want to get into a tournament then you have to pay for credits but that's all you pay for

Where did Tiger Woods earn his first pro golf paycheck?

He made his pro debut at The Greater Milwaukee Open, this was his first pro pay check.

When does a golf club cease to be a golf club and become a society?

when it fails to pay its affiliation fees to the governing Golf Union in the country in which its located.

How To Set Up a Charity Golf Tournament?

One of the best ways charities can raise money is by holding a celebrity golf tournament. A well known figure in the world of sports or entertainment usually puts his or her name on the event. These days it seems like everyone from country stars like Vince Gill and Dwight Yoakem to football coaches like Urban Myer and Tom Coughlin, are holding charity golf tournaments. Almost all of the people who lend their name and time to the golf tournament are also avid golfers. The particular charity often has a special meaning to them. Perhaps their child has Autism and so they raise money for research of that condition by holding a golf tournament. Money is raised in several different ways. First of all, are the corporate sponsors. They may pledge $100,000 or more to be a sponsor of the event. Usually a good charity golf tournament will have at least a half dozen big corporate sponsors. Smaller events may get local businesses as sponsors, but they generally contribute less than the national corporations. Another means of raising funds is the player entry fees. Celebrities and non-celebrities may have to pay a few hundred dollars or more to enter and play in the tournament. Some of the entry fee money passes on to the charity. Fans of golf and celebrities are always anxious to get a chance to play along side of their favorite stars. A third and very important way that a charity golf tournament raises money is through the admission paid by the fans. There are also concession stands selling food and refreshment and sometimes there is a separate Hole-in-One contest where for a dollar or two you get a chance to win a new car or similarly valueable prize. Tickets can range from about twenty dollars to several hundred dollars. Again the charity gets a cut of the money raised. The next time you see a charity golf tournament advertised in your area, why not go out and support a good cause. You’ll spend a few hours in a nice environment and maybe even get a celebrity to autograph your golf ball!