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The objective is for an athlete to try their best to run faster or jump higher or jump longer than all of his/her competitors. This objective will be realized by the athlete practicing and learning how to run or jump to his/her best ability, warming up before the event, obeying all rules of competition, and showing good sportsmanship to teammates and competitors. The most important thing to realize is that there can only be one winner in each event. Sometimes we try our hardest but it isn't good enough and someone else wins. This is nothing to be ashamed of. As long as one tries their best, listens to their coach, and displays good sportsmanship they are a 'winner' regardless of where they finish in the event.

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Track & Field is a sport is compromising various competitive athletic contests based around the activities of running, jummping, and throwing. Track and Field events are usually individual sports with athletes competing to decide a single victor. The racing events are won by the runner with the fastest time. The jumping and throwing events are won by the athlete who has achieved the greatest distance or height in the contest.

The running events consist of springs, long distance, middle, relays, and hurdles.

Jumping events are long jump, triple jump, high jump, and pole vault.

Some throwing events are shot put, javelin, discus, and hammer.

If you are EXTREMELY competitive in track, you can of course try out for the Olympics, and if you are a kid, you try out for the Junior Olympics.

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Track and field is basically a mix of running, sprinting, jumping, throwing and walking. The running events are the 1500m, 800m and the 400m. The sprinting events are the 100m and the 200m, the throwing events are the javelin,shot-put,discus and hammer-throw. The jumping events are the long-jump, triple-jump, high-jump and pole-vault. There is also walking which is a range of lengths.

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Track and Field in which Track is the sport played on the field. In track sports involves events like Hammer Throwing, Discus Throwing, Javelin Throwing, High Jump, Pole Vault Jumping, Shot Throwing, Indoor Shot Throwing, Relay Baton Running and many more.

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Q: What is the objective of 50 meter sprint?
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What do you call a running of 50 meters?

A 50 meter sprint.

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What is the 50 meter sprint?

The World Record is 5.56seconds held by Donovan Bailey of Canada. He ran this in 1996.

What country did 100 meter sprint come from?

The 100 meter sprint was started in Rome.

Is there a 150M sprint in 2008 Olympics?

There is no 150 meter sprint at the Olympics.

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What is short race called for short?

55 meter dash for indoor track and 100 meter dash for outside track

What is one of the running Olympics?

the mens 100 meter sprint

What is the 200 meter dash?

A sprint that is 200m(or half a lap).