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Simply, there is no time limit to how long an Olympic Badminton game will last. The Olympic committee only counts how much time is used for the game. Therefore, a minimum of 21 points with the player leading by at least two points would win a match with 3 matches; 2 matches wins. However if a badminton is being delayed to the last game match, 15 points is needed only, and whoever reach 15 points wins the match and the game. I would say in a typical amature match it's about 15-20 min...

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The match length is determined by score, not time. A typical amateur match is about 15 to 30 minutes.

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Q: What is the normal length of a badminton match?
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How many point do you need to win a women singles match in badminton?

You need to have 21 points to win the women singles badminton match.

When was the longest badminton match?

the match between peter rasmussen of denmark and sun jun of china is the longest in badminton history.its duration is 124 mins.

What is the venue of yog badminton at?

Depends on which match. Singapore Indoor Stadium for the first match.

What is best two out of three games in badminton?

its a match

Where is the referee located in badminton?

The match referee in badminton is called the umpire. There are 8 other linesmen for making line calls.

How many points do you go to when you play badminton?

1 match is played to 11 points.

In badminton when you serve in a singles match what is the area you serve to is it a square or a rectangle?

the area where you serve is a square

Which country won the bronze medal in mixed doubles badminton at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

China won the bronze medal in the Mixed Doubles Badminton Match at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Is badminton an indoor or an outdoor game?

Mostly, we play badminton outdoors, especially during an Olympic or a match as its fesh and well, a much better, wider space, open-wide for playing. But some also play badminton indoors such as in sport stadiums, but majority is outdoors.

How do you use the word memorization in a sentence?

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