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If you are thinking of when both legs are straight out in front of you it is called a pike position.

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Q: What is the name of this both legs in front of you in gymnastics?
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What is the name of the front legs of the wallabies called?

The front legs of a wallaby are known as its forelegs, or forepaws.

What is the name of the climbing rope in gymnastics?

there is no specific name. in our gym we just call it the rope. The only thing that changes is how you climb the rope. For example, you can climb with no legs or legs. You can staddle or pike. But the name of the rope really doesnt change

Name 1 person from the Olympics who does gymnastics?

name 1 person from the Olympics who does gymnastics

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Kangaroos' feet do not have any particular name. They have hind legs and forelegs.

What is the name of a ballet jump with both legs bent?

Par de cha (step of the cat)

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Do you have to use your real name in gymnastics?

No you don't

When was rhythmic gymnastics recognised as a sport by the International Gymnastics Federation?

In 1961 under the name modern gymnastics, and in 1963 the first Rhythmic World Championships took place.

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The Maori name for legs is "waewae."

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Pigeon toed I think that question is from howrse, I am on it! Thumper1999

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In gymnastics what is the saltos move?

it is a fancy name for "flip"