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Q: What is the longest distance drivin golf ball in yards?
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Which ball travels father a golf ball or baseball?

Golf ball. The longest home runs by MLB players are about 500 feet. That's about 170 yards, which is about half as far as the longest drives by professional golfers.

The longest distance for a golf ball to be driven?

200 feet on the moon

What is the longest golf ball hit by Tiger Woods?

i think it was about 380 yards some place in England

What was the longest punt of Super Bowl 2012?

The Giant's Steve Weatherford punted the ball 51-yards in the third quarter, which sent the ball out of bounds at the Patriots 4-yard line.51 Yards.

Is a wedge the longest golf club?

As in length of club, no. As in distance it is used to hit the ball, no.

How come nfl kickers can kick the ball for over 80 yards on a kick off but the longest field goal made is only 63 yards?

The kicker on field goals is rushed and only has 3 yards to run up and kick the ball. On the other hand the kicker on Kickoffs has whatever is comfortable yards for them.

If a ball is thrown in space and on earth which ball will travel the greatest distance?

Naturally the ball in space will travel the longest distance as long as it does not bump into something along the way. Gravity on earth will cause the ball thrown to fall back to earth.

A quarterback take the ball from the line of scrimmage back 16 yards then throws it 40 yards forward what is the balls displacement?

The displacement would be 24 yards from the line of scrimmage. The distance traveled would be 56 yards.

What Distance does a professional golfer drive ball off tee?

A professional golfer would drive the ball around 270-330 yards off the tee consistently.

How far can Mike Weir drive a golf ball?

PGA Tour 2009 average driving distance - 282.2 Yards.

What club would you use to hit the ball over a small water hazard at a distance of about 70 yards?

sand wedge

How far can a laccrosse ball be thrown?

The distance a lacrosse ball can be thrown varies depending on the player's skill, strength, and technique. On average, a strong throw can reach around 60-70 yards, but some elite players have been known to throw the ball over 80 yards.