What is the length of the beam?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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A Balance beam is 16 feet long and 4.5 inches in width and height varies.

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Q: What is the length of the beam?
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Effective length of a beam?

the efffective length of a beam is the length along the beam at which the beam will fail when a load is acting upon it. This effective length is usually near the centre of the beam as that is where the stresses are the greatest. For example a fat chick jumping up and down on the beam would reduce the effective length dramatically as the loads are semi-constant but ginormous.

Why does a longer beam length mean greater deflection?

Deflection of beam depends upon load and length of beam. Larger the beam, larger will be it's selfweight

What is the length and the width of a sail boat?

The length is "stem to stern" or "bow to transom", and the width is "beam to beam".

What is the max length of cantilever beam?

1.50 meter from the support is the max. safe length cantilever beam

What is the volume of the I beam?

Depends on the dimensions of the beam. length * width * height

What is Continuous beam?

A beam that has the same porperties along its entire length.

What is the wave length of a laser beam?

the length of a peice of string

Ruler is to length as balance is to what?


When is a beam said to be of a uniform length?

A beam is said to be of a uniform length when it has a consistent measurement from end to end, without any variations or deviations along its span. This means that the beam does not have any sections that are longer or shorter than the specified length, ensuring a consistent and continuous structure.

How do you calculate volume of i-beam?


What is the length of a regulation balance beam?

16 feet

What is the length of a Olympcic gymnastics balance beam?

16 feet