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In a three game series, the highest score achievable without throwing a 300 game would be 897 (299 + 299 + 299 = 897).

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a 799 by getting 2 300's , he/she would have to get a 199 that game to get a 799 i personally have did that myself

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Q: What is the highest series bowled with 2 300 games and not got an 800 series?
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What percentage of people who have bowled a 300 game have a 800 series?

It is not a known statistic, however for USBC, you can compare the list of names of who bowled a 300 and how many bowled an 800 and then how many of those who bowled an 800 had a 300.

How many 300 games has chris barnes bowled?


How old is Jim Hosier and how many 300 games has he bowled in how many years?

Jim Hosier has bowled 112 perfect games in his career.

What is the highest game ever bowled besides a 300?

300 is the highest you can bowl. the only reason it would be higher is if the person has handicap which would be added to the scratch score

How many 300 games does Bob Learn have?

As of 4-13-2015, the number of 300 games Bob Learn has bowled is 115.

How many perfect 300 games has Duke bowled in PBA competition?


How many 300 games have been bowled by twins?

I don't believe this statistic is kept. The list of 300 games can be found at the Hall of Fame Bowling Museum in Arlington, TX

Where can you find the 1992 sanction abc bowling scores?

The sanctioned ABC 300 games or 800 series scores bowled can be found at the USBC International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame in Arlington, TX.

Who has the most sanctioned 300 bowled games in New Jersey?

tyler selmont.. he has 451 300 games and 213 800 series

Is there a list of bowlers who have rolled sanctioned 300 games?

There is a very long list of bowlers in the IBHOF who have bowled a sanctioned 300 game.

People who have bowled a 300?

Many people have bowled a 300 game. About 26,000 people a year. You can check the USBC website for a listing of sanctioned 300 game bowlers.

How many 300 games have been bowled?

Unfortunately there is no way to know this number precisly. USBC has a record of all sanctioned 300's in America, however this do not include 300's bowled for fun or practice or in unsanctioned leagues and tournaments, or before the establishment of USBC. So theres no definite answer.