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Q: What is the game called that is where you get the ball in the square hole?
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What is the internet game where you build a ramp from a hole in the wall so a ball can roll to a hole on the floor?


Do you have to call the hole when you hit in the eight ball?

well yes you do have to call any hole in order to win the game.

Theres this old bar game that has two rods that you have to spread in order to make a ball slowly slide down the rods You do this and it makes the ball fall into a hole What is this game called?

from the 1960's space travel game!! You make the ball go up the rods and it drops into holes labeled for the planets. Score is obtained depending on the planet the ball drops into.

In golf if one gets a birdie what is meant?

In golf there is a certain number of strokes or hits of the ball that is required to finish the hole in, this is called par. If a person gets the ball into the hole one stroke or ball hit under par this is called birdie. It means you completed the hole faster than the average completion rate for the hole.

What kind of computer game is Ink Ball?

Ink ball is a strategy style computer game. The idea is to use a stylus, or mouse, to draw a line to direct a ball into a corresponding colored hole.

What is it called if you make the ball go in one shot in golf?

A Hole in One

What is two person best ball?

Two person best ball is a very fun, simple game. basically, you have teams of two and you both play the hole out and whoever has the lower score on the hole had the "best ball" and that is what goes on the score card.

What is that game called where you try to get the brick in the hole?


What is the best nano ipod game?

In my opinion the best nano game is maze. It is amzing! You can tilt the nano to get the ball into the hole around obstikles!

What is the main objective of a golf game?

Similar to regular (ball) Golf, the object is to complete the course in the fewest number of throws (strokes).

What is a small ball with a hole in the middle?

A small ball with a hole in the middle is probably a Bead.

What mesoamerican civilization created the first ball game?

The first ball game was created by the Mayan civilization. This game is actually some kind of mixing between the soccer and the basketball. The game was about to kick a ball with the elbows, the shoulder, the knees and the feet but one rule: the player weren't allowed to touch it. The objective of the game was insert the ball in a round hole in the wall which was several feet from the ground. And the losers from the game were sacrified to the sun.