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Q: What is the first name of tennis star Nastase?
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Who is a German tennis star with the first name of Tommy?

Tommy Haas.

What is the last name of soccer star Paul?

what is the name of former british mens tennis champion

What is the last name of 1980's tennis star jose-luis?


What sport were Converse All-Star tennis shoes first used for?


Was the name of the first Star Trek pilot?

The first Star Trek pilot's name was "The Cage".

What is the name of the first Star Trek pilot?

The First Star Trek Pilot's name Is "The Cage".

How do you pronounce young tennis star bernard tomic name?

well im from a croatian back ground like bernard and when i watch the news and tennis they always pronounce his name wrong! You pronounce his name tom-ich not ick but ich.

What sporting champion has the middle name jamika?

The question probably refers to Serena Jameka Williams, the American tennis star.

Which tennis star had a book called serious?

John McEnroe. His famous phrase "You can't be serious!" provided the tennis star with the title for the book :-)

Who is the famous Brazilian female tennis star?

Maria Bueno is the most famous Brazilian female tennis star, a former Wimbledo chamption.

What is the other name of table tennis balls?

People name table tennis balls based on their quality. For example, a "3 Star Ball" is known as the highest quality ball.Table tennis is also known as ping-pong. Sometimes the balls are referred to as ping-pong balls.

Was Lionel Richie a star tennis player in high school?

Yes, American musician Lionel Richie was considered a star tennis player in high school. He attended the Tuskegee Institute on a tennis scholarship.