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Both are heavy objects thrown for distance (and accuracy) but the methods are entirely different. Different muscle groups are used by the throwers.

The shot put is a heavy metal ball, while the hammer is a ball at the end of a long pole or wire. The shot is thrown with one arm from a position against the body (usually the neck), and is powered by the extension of the thrower's arm and body. The hammer is "whirled" by its handle or wire strap as the thrower spins. It accelerates in a circular path until it is released to allow it to begin its trajectory.

An Olympic shot put ball for men weighs about the same as a men's hammer ball (16 lb or 7.26 kg). The world record shot put is 23.12 meters (75.85 ft) and the longest hammer throw is much farther, 86.74 metres (284.58 ft).

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Q: What is the difference between the shot put and the hammer throw?
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