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See the Related Links for charts about proper fit.

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Go to a driving range. Distances are clearly marked. You will need to hit several balls with all the clubs several times to get an accurate average.

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look at the yardage

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Q: What is the best way to determine how far you hit each golf club?
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How do you identify each golf club?

Each golf club will have a number and/or a name. A few examples 1 wood. 3 iron. sand wedge. putter.

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Wire wool is usually the best thing to use when removing the finish from a golf club.

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Which golf club is best for long drives down the fairway?

The best golf club for making a long drive down the fairway is simply known as a "driver". These types of clubs may also be called "long drive" golf clubs. Occasionally, the long drive club will simply be called an "LD" club.

What two factors determine the distance and flight path of a golf ball?

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