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If you want a cheap and alright bmx get him a mongoose or a gt. If you want to get him a really good bike get him a wethepeople, colony or Sunday. The wethepeople Sunday and colony will all cost at least $450. It also depends if he is going to be riding at skate parks or on the street or offroad. The more expensive BMXes i said are more for street and skate parks. But dk's are pretty good for offroad.

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Q: What is the best size bmx for my 7 year old?
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What size wheels bmx bike is recommended for 11 year old boy?

it would be 21 to 30 inch best idea

What size of bmx would you buy for your 15 year old?

20'' wheel size ,and roughly 25 pounds in weight ^_^

What is a good bmx for a 14 year old?

im a 15 year old male and when i was 14 i got a free agent bmx bike from sportschallet. since then have been upgrading things such as the sprocket and the handle bars and forks. ut even stock i think ree agents are a good starting bmx bike for a 14 year old. hope this helps u

How valuable are old BMX bicycles in general?

Old BMX bicycles, in general, have a medium market. There are few collectors of BMX bicycles though. One can expect between $100-$500 for an old BMX bicycle.

What is the best website to buy cheap bmx bikes?

If you're looking for a cheap BMX, try toyrus or walmart. Remember, you get what you pay for. For an inexpensive BMX, try Dans Comp or even your local bike store and look for the year end clearance bikes. You can really save some money by buying old stock locally.

What size bmx frame issuitable for a 13 year old?

In BMX bikes there isn't much to choose from, they're almost all use 20" wheels, which means that there isn't much difference in frame size either. Since they're mostly ridden out of the saddle it isn't much of a problem either.

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What is a good bike for a 13 year old that's 5ft 5?

well bmx are something a 13 year old would want and i think they have suitable ones for someone as that height