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You should use it just from the edge of the green to chip onto the green. You could use it from about 20-30 yards out as long as you are confident with it and there are no bunkers etc in your way.

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The Cleveland Utility Metals are generally regarded as the best wedges in Golf. I would recommend checking them out.

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A 54-56 degree wedge, with 8-12 degrees of bounce.

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Q: What is the best golf club to use for chipping?
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How do you remove a finish from a golf club?

Wire wool is usually the best thing to use when removing the finish from a golf club.

In golf When do you use a three club?

You can them as tee clubs, or from the fairway and some people even use them for chipping from around the green.

In golf How do you know which club to use?

See link below.

What sport do you use the term chipping?

The term chipping is used in sport climbing, which is a form of rock climbing. In the sport of golf, the term 'chip shot' is often used.

Should you use a full swing when chipping the ball in golf?

A chip is essentially a bump and run shot with a mid lofted club. What you do is use about a quarter swing and try and get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Only if you were pitching would you consider a full swing.

How do you hit golf ball?

You use a club.

Can you use golf range finders while setting a club record?

Yes, you can use golf range finders while setting a club record.

What type of sports use clubs?

In the sport of golf, a player hits the ball with a golf club.

What sport used a mashie niblick?

Golf (It is a club similar to a 9 iron)

What adhesive do you use to repair a golf driver?

You would use golf club epoxy, it is a very strong two part glue.

How do you play the sport golf?

You use a club to hit a ball into a hole.

What number golf club did they use whilst playing on the moon?

it was an iron