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Actually don't go with the Golf specialty glues. Why? Because they know that most any epoxy will work and thus they don't give you specifics of the strengths of the glue and thus some are better than others. Some companies are more concerned about margin and thus use the cheapest epoxy that will work.

The fact is most experienced club makers use epoxies you can buy in any hardware or auto parts store.

Look for epoxies that have a working range up to about 200 Fahrenheit (which is most epoxies). This is a good range for keeping the head on, but being able to get it off easily.

Although it's true most all epoxies take 24 hrs to fully cure. The fast curing options get to what they call "functional" cure as quickly at 45 minutes. The functional cure is all you need to go out and use the club.

Best fast drying option is the Devcon 5 minute epoxy.

I have seen suggestions that the gel should be used. Typically you will see the gels rated higher for tensile strength. The problem is that they are rated at a higher thickness usually .01 inches. They typically rate the epoxies at their optimum thickness. The problem is that the the thickness you need is much less than this. So the epoxies for use in clubmaking you actually want to avoid the gels. They will work, just not quite as well as normal epoxies. Anything rated 1500 or higher is just fine. The other problem with gels is because they are thicker you actually don't get quite as even coating as you will with the normal stuff.

I wouldn't recommend anything that's not a 2 part epoxy. The single part stuff is just not strong enough. If you have the special "golf" no mix epoxy you don't have to throw it away. It's usually the really quick setting stuff. I don't recommend using it, your heads will eventually fly off, but you could easily hit a club 20 times with this glue. Just make sure you put the glue on, stick the shaft into the head and adjust the head all within 30 seconds. The biggest mistake with this quick drying stuff is it will get a little sticky and you move the head to align with the grip. Doing this really weakens the glue and you will have the head fly off after a few hits.

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For attaching heads to shafts a specialist epoxy is best, it can be purchased at any good golf shop or online. The grips are simply put on with a strip of grip tape and a solvent such as a specific golf solvent, petrol or white spirit.

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There are many types which you can buy, all of which are very good. You can buy them over the internet or ask your local club maker or pro.

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Proper golf shaft epoxy. You can buy it from some internet stores and good golf shops.

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Q: What is the best adhesive to use on golf clubs?
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