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There are many benefits to adoption.

First for the biological parents they know that their child is safe and will be raised in a stable environment that they alone couldn't provide.

Most adoptive parents (the ones adopting the child) can not have children of their own and adopting allows them to raise and love a child like their own. Also the adoptive parents may be able to have a mixed family that is one that has a combination of biological and adopted children.

The child that is adopted gets many benefits, one of which is being raised in a loving home. If the child was adopted in an open adoption they may be able to keep in contact with their biological family.

A benefit I have experienced as an adopted child is that I get to share my experience and memory of being adopted with other adopted kids.

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Q: What is the benefits on adoption?
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The benefits of foreign adoption vs domestic adoption is that it is a quicker process as you're broadening your search. In addition, it'll likely be a closed adoption, with no contact with the biological parents.

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There are some major tax breaks for adoption fess. The money comes off the income and taxes are not paid on it. Some companies also provide subsidies for adoption.

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No, the adoption negates any such claims.

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You added this to the Adoption category and when adopted the child belongs to the adopted family and gets nothing from the birth family. They only gets benefits and inherit the adoptive family.

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There are many benefits for the child when he or she is adopted. When a child is given up for adoption it is usually because the biological parents are not fit to care for the child. So a benefit to the child is being able to grow up in a stable and safe environment that their parents couldn't provide them with. If the child was put in an open adoption then the child may be able to be in contact with his/her biological parent(s) if the parents (both sets) wish.

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