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I am in CA, so don't know about other states, but here it is required to have at least 2 handicap parking spaces in the parking lot. There may be additional parking, but that could be based on population size of the company, but the min. is 2.

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Q: What is state requirement for handicap parking at the workplace?
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Is charging for handicap parking in the state of California legal?

No, it is not legal to charge for parking in designated handicap parking spaces in the state of California. The California Vehicle Code specifically prohibits charging fees for accessible parking.

How do you fight a handicap parking ticket in Washington state?

Pay It

What is the fine for parking illegally in handicap space in California?

It is a $500 fine for parking and a handicap space if you are not handicap

Is it legal to use Oregon handicap parking permit in California?

As long as it's recognizable it is valid in any state.

Where does one go to apply for a handicap parking permit application?

Application for a handicap parking permit varies from state to state. Often your doctor will advise that you get one however you do not need to wait for your doctor to suggest this. In Kentucky you can apply directly to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Can the homeowners association remove disabled parking in the complex?

Yes. And the association may be required to adjust handicapped parking spaces/ slots/ rules depending on the requirements of any handicapped resident. Your state condominium law, or state housing law for handicapped persons may apply. If the resident is a tenant, however, the expense of accommodation may be passed along to the owner, who enjoys the revenue stream from the tenant.

Are deaf people entitled to a disabled car park?

This depends on the state in which you live. Most states no not offer handicap parking to deaf individuals solely on the basis of deafness. Handicap parking is typically reserved for disabilities which limit mobility or make it unsafe for the individual to walk long distances. Deafness alone is not usually considered one of these disabilities.

Can a Condominium Community restrict Handicap parking with reduced hours?

Condominium communities can develop restrictions according to their power given them by the governing documents. However, local, state and federal law regarding handicap access must be followed in crafting these restrictions. All handicap access statutes trump association governing documents.

Where do people get handicap plaques for their handicap vans?

These are given to them by the state. They provide proof of handicap, and then they are issued a plaque if they desire one.

Is it mandatory for a residential Condominium Complex to offer handicap parking spaces and if yes how many spaces are required per building?

Your question is answered by federal accessibility laws, which may dictate handicap access, depending on the use of the building. Further, your state condominium law and your governing documents may recommend or dictate the number, location, and assignment of handicap parking spaces depending on the density of the complex. Your best answer is available from your local association-savvy attorney who will help you understand the requirements in your case given the details, above.

How big do parking spots have to be in a 3 unit residential condominium complex?

The size of parking spots can be determined by reviewing several key documents:The governing documents for the associationThe local municipal laws covering the size of parking stallsThe state law covering the size of parking stalls, including any laws that require special handicap parking requirements for high-density, multi-family housing (if your complex meets this definition)

Can you get a ticket for parking in a handicap zone on private property in Florida?

Yes, you can get a ticket for parking in a handicap spot on private property in California if you don't have a handicap plate or placard. If you want to fight the ticket, for instance you have the placard but you failed to hang it from your mirror, you must pay the fine up front and if the judge sides with you they will return the money. It took over 9 mos for my money to be returned.