What is sports acrobatics?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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A disipline of gymnastcs that involves 2,3 or 4 people on the floor at a time. The perform skills ontop of each other and also involve individual elements and choreagraphed dance steps.

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Q: What is sports acrobatics?
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How is sports acrobatics related to science?

hey here to answer your question , sports acrobatics can be related to science if you think about the body and how it gets fit with sports and how your body tends to adapt itself to these workouts. xxx hope i could help xxx

What are all the sports that start with letter A?

Acrobatics, aerobics, archery, Australian football.

What part of speech is acrobatics?

Acrobatics is a noun.

Can you start acrobatics at 12?

You Can Start Acrobatics At 12 I Started At 6

Why did Darry teach everyone acrobatics?

Why has Darry taught everyone to do acrobatics

What is a sentence about acrobatics?

My friend Julie is a big fan of acrobatics and loves watching these amazing feats.

Is acrobatics stronger than air slash in Pokemon black?

Yes. Acrobatics has a base power of 55, ONLY if the Pokemon has a held item. If it doesn't have any items, the power will double. So Acrobatics = 110 V.S. Air Slash = 75. So Acrobatics is stronger.

Does insects rhyme with acrobatics?


Who was the first person to perform acrobatics?

Acrobatics was first performed in the 1930 by a pair but it has been around since bc

What has the author Stan Buchholtz written?

Stan Buchholtz has written: 'Balancing & sport acrobatics' -- subject(s): Acrobatics

What are the release dates for Mental Acrobatics - 1920?

Mental Acrobatics - 1920 was released on: USA: 18 April 1920

How do you use the word acrobatics in a sentence?

That acrobat made an amazing stunt. Correct: The acrobatics of the man on the highwire were truly amazing.