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Q: What is inside an emergency cart?
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Where is an external defibrillator kept on a crash cart?


What is a sentence using the word cart?

There's a runaway shopping cart headed this way. Please keep your hands inside the cart.

What is a crash cart is used specifically for?

The 'crash cart' is hospital slang for the trolley that carries emergency defibrillation equipment and drugs in the event of a patient going into cardiac arrest. It is portable, and can be rushed to the patient's bedside in the event of emergency.

What do you do after fixing the mine cart in club penguin?

take it inside the mine and play cart sufer.

What is a crash cart in dental office?

It is the name of the emergency cart that has the emergency drugs, usually an oxygen tank, a defribillator or AED, and maybe a few other items such as a backboard, IV fuids, or a portable suction unit. Generally only used if there is a "code blue" or significant medical emergency.

What is the main purpose of a crash cart in the ambulatory care setting?

Mall emergency supplies are together and available

What are the release dates for Inside - 2007 Emergency Transplant?

Inside - 2007 Emergency Transplant was released on: USA: 15 February 2008

Where is Club Penguin cart surfing?

On the map is the mine which is hidden. Click that and then go inside. To the right is a tunnel with carts. Click that and you will be playing Cart Surfing.

Make a sentence of the word wheeled?

The service man wheeled his cart inside the store.

Where is blossom bunny on build a bear?

Inside Bearywood Mall, standing at the flower cart.

What are the function scissor in emergency trolley?

to cut of the item or equipment inside emergency trolley, eg: micropore.

How do you tell the year of a ez go golf cart?

look at the manuf. code on the inside pocket right side of the cart that should give you the year of your cart( my # on one of my cart is H298) which means its a 98. the other # is (A499) which mean its a 99) and the other # is(H600) which means is a 2000 good luck