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Q: What is another name for train tracks?
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What does a train travel on from one place to another?


Are braces really made of train tracks?

No, braces are not literally made out of train tracks, it's just the name given to the style.

What is the tracks for train called?

train tracks or a railroad

Car is to road as train is to?

Train tracks

Are train tracks magnetic?

Train tracks are magnetic.

What is that movie called about the boys who are trying to find another boy who was hit by a train and they follow train tracks to find him?

Stand By Me

How do you tie people to train tracks on red dead redemti?

You don't tie people to the train tracks. You can hogtie them and put them on the train tracks though.

Are train tracks metal?

Yes. Train tracks are metal because if they were wooden such fast moving train wheels will cause friction on the wooden tracks, setting them on fire.

What was the name of the first set of train tracks built across Kansas from the north to south?

The first train tracks built across Kansas from the north to south was the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe.

Do you have a cannon on your train in the legend of Zelda spirit tracks?

You can acquire a cannon for your train on Spirit tracks.

How do you attach another train part in Zelda spirit tracks?

to swap parts of your train go backto Alfonzo in Aboda village and talk to him in his house and he will swap the train parts for you

What is the name for the point at which parallel tracks allow a train to turn?

The center of the turn is called an apex.