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Golf score.

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Q: What is an example of a smaller-is-best quality characteristic?
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Which is an example of an internal software quality characteristic?

an example of an internal software quality characteristic would be the animations that may or may not be created on the internal card.

What is data accessibility and give an example?

Data flexibility is a quality characteristic.

What is an example of a nominal-is-best quality characteristic?

An example of a nominal-is-best quality characteristic is color. Color can be described using categories such as red, blue, green, etc., without any inherent ranking or order.

I don't yhink "The wind roared " is an example of personification since personification is the act of giving a human quality or characteristic to something which is not human.Roaring is not a human quality?


What is a traited?

1. individual characteristic: a characteristic or quality that distinguishes somebody2. inherited characteristic: a quality or characteristic that is genetically determined3. indication: a hint or trace of something ( literary )

Which suffix is used to describe the quality of something?

The suffix -ous forms adjectives to indicate a characteristic or quality. The suffix -ness similarly creates nouns from adjectives. The suffix -ish indicates a similarity to a given characteristic.

What is a trait such as the language you speak your manners and your neatness?

A trait is a distinguishing characteristic or quality. A trait is a distinguishing characteristic or quality.

What is the synonym for the word trait?

Attribute, characteristic, quality, symptom, and others.

What is the difference from a trait and a characteristic?

A trait is a unique quality used to identify a person or animal.A characteristic is a quality used to describe a type of person or thing.

What does it mean to be an eipidemy of something?

To be an epitome of something means to be a perfect example or embodiment of a particular quality or characteristic. It signifies the essence or ideal representation of that particular thing.

Is NOT a required characteristic of a contractor's quality management process?

Appraise the product and inspect in quality

What is a property in math?

an attribute, quality, or characteristic of something