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Q: What is a poise move in imagine gymnast?
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How do you gain power of the uneven bars imagine gymnast ds game?

On the uneven bars on imagine gymnast to gain power all you need to do is make a little circle on your screen.

How do you use the word poise in a sentence?

Young women were sent to finishing schools to develop their poise and manners. The thief's plan was to poise on the landing until the guard moved away. I plan to poise on the x until I'm' told to move

Do People move in straight lines in Gymnastics?

Not necessarily . Gymnast's move in all different directions .

What is homophone for poise?

A homophone for poise is "boys."

What are all the imagine ds games?

there are Imagine: Babies/babyz, Imagine: Fashion designer, Imagine: dream wedding or wedding designer, Imagine: Interior designer, Imagine: teacher, Imagine: My secret world, Imagine: Fashion designer new york, Imagine: Animal doctor, Imagine: figure skater, Imagine: fashion model, Imagine: champion rider and Imagine: pet vet however apparently you can also get Imagine: Master chef, Imagine: Gymnast, Imagine: Rock Star and Imagine: Movie Star. There are probably more but hope it helps :D

Poise is measuring a unit for what?

Poise is a measuring unit of Viscosity.

What is the past tense of poise?

Poised is the past tense of poise.

How do you call a person who do gymnastics?

hi everyone, A human that does gymnastics is called a gymnast.

Is there such a move as a standing squat on for the bars?

can you lend me any tips for a level 6 gymnast on the vault?

Poise is the unit of viscosityis a correct?

Yes, poise is the unit of dynamic viscosity

What does center-poise per second mean?

First, the question has a mis-spelling. It is not "center-poise" but centi-poise. The unit of measurment centi-poise per second is used to measure the viscosity of a substance (usually a fluid).

Who does physics affect in gymnastics?

Physics affects the gymnast in gymnastics. Think about it...gravity is the force that pulls the gymnast down. Newton's first law of motion (an object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an unbalanced force) is applied when the gymnast is rotating on the bars; his or her own momentum is the force that propels them. Newton's second law of motion (force=mass x acceleration) is applied when the gymnast is trying to move: the heavier the gymnast, the more force is necessary to make him or her move. Newton's third law of motion (every action has an equal and opposite reaction) applies when the beam is supporting the gymnast: the beam exerts an equal force on the gymnast to keep him or her from falling over. So, there you go!