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A lobster tennis machine has several different uses, not just for tennis. It can tone you, naturally, in tennis, but also in Baseball, Field Hockey, or even football. It is a machine that throws balls at you at a different speed, and the speed is one that you can set from slow to fast. They can be used for training or just for keeping up your sport.

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The Lobster tennis ball machines are used by professional tennis players for practising their tennis skills. These machines sweep the tennis balls to the left or right and are used during physical workouts by the tennis players.

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Lobster Tennis Ball Machines can be bought at many websites, for example the official Lobster Sports website, Tennis Man, Amazon and the auction website eBay.

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Q: What is a lobster tennis machine used for?
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What is the purpose of a lobster ball machine?

There are many uses for a lobster ball machine. The most common use of this machine is to help tennis players improve one's game and skill of the game.

What retailers carry a tennis ball pitching machine?

Pitching Machine Pro and Lobster Sports are two of the top stores to buy a tennis ball pitching machine from. One can also find these machines on sites like Ebay and Amazon.

where can i buy a used tennis ball machine for a middle of the road player?

where can I find a used tennis ball machine with battery and A/c?

What companies make a quality ball machine for tennis?

Good quality tennis ball machines are made by several companies. Some companies that make durable tennis ball machines include Lobster Sports, Sam Coach, and Match Mate.

How do you build a tennis ball machine?

You can build a tennis ball machine kit by purchasing a tennis ball machine kit. The tennis ball machine kit will come with detailed instructions.

What is a ball machine?

A ball machine is a machine which shoots tennis balls out of a pipe.

Does Amazon have a tennis ball machine for sale?

Amazon has a large amount of tennis ball machines for sale, ranging from a few hundred dollars all the way up to a few thousand dollars. The highest selling model is $799 and is of the brand Lobster.

Is the use of a tennis ball machine beneficial when practicing tennis?

These machines are used by all professionals, especially for early training. They help you to perfect your strokes.

What is the instrument used to tighten the cords of a tennis racket?

This is called a "stringing machine" and can cost $150 to $1000.

Where can I purchase a tennis stringing machine?

There are several places that you can purchase a tennis stringing machine! The prices you will pay range anywhere from $150 to upwards of $4000. For a tennis stringing machine with nine 5 star reviews check out holabirdsports.

Where can one find a tennis ball machine?

Tennis ball machines can be brought at sports warehouses. It is good to get them at sports warehouses because they are cheaper. Although it could be hard to get it to your house without a truck,but if you love tennis, you would want to have it at home.

What is tennis ball cannon?

It is a machine that automatically shoots tennis balls at you to practice hitting.