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I would use one of these remote control fart machines. Make it "fart" each time your friend is about to throw :)

You can get one in this April fools day pranks site below.

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Q: What is a good April Fools joke to do while bowling?
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What is a very good April fools jokes for teens?

I'm pregnant

What are some good April Fools' Day jokes to put on your Facebook?

Fools Rush InOur users share some prankish ideas:If you have a Facebook account, you actually have a life. ("APRIL FOOLS!") My God, you look so handsome! ("APRIL FOOLS!")No one on your friends' list is a rapist or random person whose friend request you just randomly accepted because you like the feeling of being accepted. ("APRIL FOOLS!")

Why is a good April fools joke to play on your teacher?

petend to get into a fight with a friend in the middle of class

What is a good prank to play on a girl that likes you for April Fools' Day?

You go up to her. If her friends are around, make them leave. Then you ask her if you want to go out. Wait for her reaction. Then say April Fools. Note: get out of punching and/or slapping distance.

Do dads have a sense of humor on April Fools' Day?

Sometimes if it is something that he really likes and you do a trick on him about it it's not so good.

What is a good April Fools' Day joke to text to someone?

Hi it's the police can you please come to the police station

What are some good April Fools' Day jokes for Facebook?

make a fake event so they go to the place and no ones there

Is April Fools' Day very popular?

it is very popular i mean pretty much all kids love a good laugh and pranks can give u that. Some people don't like pranks but not all are bad on April fools day it can be a mild prank ,big prank ,small joke, or even just a little white lie. so yes April fools day is very popular.

Who turned April 1 into April Fools' Day?

April Fools' Day is celebrated all around the world on the April 1 of every year. Sometimes referred to as All Fools' Day, April 1 is not a national holiday, but is widely recognized and celebrated as a day where many people play all kinds of jokes and foolishness. The day is marked by the commission of good humoured or funny jokes, hoaxes, and other practical jokes of varying sophistication on friends, family members, teachers, neighbors, work associates, etc.

What are some good April Fools' Day pranks for a teacher to play on her 5th grade students?

Tell them there is a school carnival/free day/... the day before. When they show up on Fools' Day give them a surprise test.

What are good April Fools' Day pranks for school?

1sticking chewing gum on partners seat 2 Past a chit behind her/him saying-KICK ME

What are some good April fools pranks for your kids?

Say that there going to starve all day and then hide all the food and lock them in the bathroom and when they start crying say APRIL FOOLS or take fake blood have your husband slap you and push you on the floor and start crying and stand up with fake blood all over you!!