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As of March 28, 2010, Venus Williams is not married to anyone.

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She is not married.

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Q: What is Venus Williams' husband's name?
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What is Venus Williams's middle name?

Venus Ebone Starr Williams

What is Venus Williams Middle Name?

Venus Ebone Starr Williams

What is the name of the clothing collection Venus Williams designed for Wilson's leather?

" The Venus Williams Collection" sometimes known as "The Venus Collection"

What is Venus Williams momma name?

I believe it is Oracene Williams.

What is the name of Venus' sister?

Serena Williams...

Who is Venus Williams's mother?

Oracene Williams. Her nickname is "Brandi" Williams.

What is Venus Williams parents name?

Oracene Price and Richard Williams. (They divorced)

What was grace alele Williams husbands name?

Amen Buckax Okumira shimigamasama

What is the name of the woman sitting with Richard Williams at Wimbledon?


Name played tennis the black females who plays tennis?

Serena Williams and Venus Williams

What is Serena Williams full name?

* Lyndrea * Isha * Yetunde * Venus

What is Venus Williams contributions?

what is Venus Williams contributions?