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His time was 5 hours 13 minutes 28 seconds.

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Q: What is Jared Fogle's NYC marathon time?
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Did Jared of Subway run the NYC Marathon?

Yes! Jared Fogle said he just hoped he could finish the marathon, and he did - in 5:13. He was running for the Jared Foundation, an organization he started to help fight childhood obesity.

What time does the NYC marathon start?


What was Robin Quivers' finish time in the New York City marathon?

Robin Quivers finished the 2010 NYC Marathon in 6 hours and 9 minutes.

What website or office do I have to go to to enable me to enter the nyc marathon?

You go online to the site of the marathon, and there should be something to click that should say Enter Marathon or Join Marathon. I wish you many, many wishes of luck and I hope you have great time.

Can you walk the New York City Marathon?

You can walk in most marathons, incl. the NYC Marathon, as long as you finish within the courses time limit. For the NYC Marathon this is 8.5 hours. Larger marathons usually start runners in "waves" based on your anticipated completion time. If you plan on walking, for safety reasons it's best to start your race with the last wave.

What are the release dates for Dean's List - 2002 CMJ Music Marathon in NYC?

Dean's List - 2002 CMJ Music Marathon in NYC was released on: USA: 20 September 2005

What actors and actresses appeared in NYC Half Marathon 2013 - 2013?

The cast of NYC Half Marathon 2013 - 2013 includes: Lisa Colagrossi as Herself - Host Amy Freeze as Herself - Host

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What is the date of the NYC 2009 marathon?

Nov 1, 2009. usually first Sunday in November.

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What is the date of the 2010 NYC marathon?

Sunday Nov 7, 2010. It's usually the first Sunday in November.

Is Courtney Reagan of CNBC a gym rat?

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