What is Inessa Kravets' Height?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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According to the IAAF, Inessa Kravets is 1.78 meters tall. Click on the 'Inessa Kravets' link underneath the answer to see information about her as provided by the IAAF.

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Q: What is Inessa Kravets' Height?
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When was Inessa Kravets born?

Inessa Kravets was born in 1966.

Who holds the female record for triple jump currently?

Ukraine's Inessa Kravets is the current women's world record holder in the triple jump. Her jump of 15.50 metres (meters) in 1995 is the current world record.

What is the world record for the longest triple jump for both men and women?

The world record for the longest triple jump for men is held by Jonathan Edwards with a jump of 18.29 meters (60 ft 0 in) set in 1995. For women, the world record is held by Inessa Kravets with a jump of 15.50 meters (50 ft 10 in) set in 1995.

When was Mikhail Kravets born?

Mikhail Kravets was born in 1963.

When was Artem Kravets born?

Artem Kravets was born on 1989-06-03.

When was Volodymyr Kravets born?

Volodymyr Kravets was born on 1981-05-31.

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What nicknames does Inessa Ramos go by?

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When was Inessa Korkmaz born?

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Inessa Armand was born on 1874-05-08.

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