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Forward Roll

Backward Roll




Leg Swings

Coupe Walk

Tuck Jump


Straight Jump onto 8" or Higher Mat




Back Hip Circle

Cast Push Away


Jump to Front Support

Tuck Sit



Coupe Walk

Releve Walk

Stretch Jump

Stretch Jump Dismount

I got this list from the USA Gymnastics Athlete Report Card. You don't have to be able to do everything to move up to Level 2. For example, I'm level 3 (precompetitive) and still cannot do a pullover or back hip circle.

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It really depends on what gym you go to: but here's what happened at mine, when I was eleven last year:

• First, my teacher gathered us all into a big group in the center of the gym. We were mostly wearing PE kits (tight shorts and tops) but some of the older kids (it was a group for 6 - 16 year olds) were wearing leotards. If you're not going to be giving up the sport quickly, and are serious about it, you might want to go and purchase one. Our coach then told us to group ourselves up - from complete beginners that have no experience whatsoever, intermediate people that know a few basic things (like cartwheels, handstands, headstands and round offs) and advanced people that have merely changed gym, or for some other reason are coming with a lot of experience to learn more. I was in the intermediate group.

• Next, we would get specialized level coaches to talk to each group. The beginners had a teacher that worked with level ones, twos, and threes - the second, twos, threes, fours wmd fives, while the final one worked with sixes, sevens, eights, nines, tens and elite gymnasts. My trainer's name was Poppy. She asked our group about our skills and rearranged some people. There were a few eight year olds that were moved to the beginner levels, and one thirteen year old moved to the advanced section, as well as one nine year old being moved up to our group.

• After that, our coach began to refine our current skills. We practiced bridges, headstands and a few handstands against the wall. Then, we moved on to the equipment. You would look on YouTube for 'First Gymnastics Lesson'. Click on the one set in a gym and watch what she learns. What I learnt was similar to her. Poppy helped me learn back walkovers, front walkovers, a back handspring, better handstand and a proper roundoff. But that was only on the floor. I find bars quite easy, but meanwhile, the vault was trickier. I learnt a front aerial on there, nevertheless.

• The beginner group learnt bridges, front roly-polys, back roly-polys and headstands, for some of them. However, I think you'd know what to expect if you were in the advanced section; as it's mainly only current gymnasts that get there first-time in a certain gym.

Please remember that this is only in my gym where this happens: it may not be the same in yours. On the other hand, there are a few points that are usually the same.

▪ Wear something not too baggy and that you can easily bend in. Most people at my first lesson, as listed above, wore their PE Kit - a T-shirt and shorts or leggings. You can purchase a leotard if you like.

▪ They will be testing you on what you know and, based on that, will teach you different things. You might want to practise your skills at home or in the garden beforehand... But make sure you're safe in the area you're practising in - ensure it has soft ground and is large, so there's plenty of room to fall over without hurting yourself against something hard.

So that's what you can expect at your first gymnastics lesson! I hope you appreciate my support! Just ask me for my e-mail if you want further help and other questions answering!

REFERENCE: I am now a Level 5 gymnast.

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The first few moves you should master in gymnastics is the cartwheel, front roll, back roll, handstand and a bridge.

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Kip up

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Q: What happens in your first gymnastics lesson?
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