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Q: What happens if a pole vault snaps?
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Where does Santa keep his track and field trophies?

in the pole vault

Where do high jumpers store their valuables?

In a pole vault

What is the stadium called where the do the pole vault?

It is called the pole vault pit.

Where did the name pole vault came from?

Well, participants use a long pole to vault (jump) over a rod, thus the name pole vault

What is a pole vault pole made out of?

Pole Vault Poles used to made out of materials such as wood, metal and bamboo. Pole Vault Poles are now made out of bendable materials such as Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber

When was Bill Miller - pole vault - born?

Bill Miller - pole vault - was born in 1912.

When did Bill Miller - pole vault - die?

Bill Miller - pole vault - died in 2008.

Who can participate in pole vault?

Anybody with a heart can pole-vault but it takes courage and a decent amount of physical ability(be coordinated)

What category does a pole vault go under?

Pole vault is classed as a 'jump' in the field event in athletics.

Did sergey bubka won any medal in Olympics?

Yes, Sergey Bubka won the gold medal in the pole vault at the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul.he won more than that he is the greatest pole vaulter everGold 1988 Seoul Pole vault {| ! colspan="3" | World Championships |} {| ! colspan="4" | Competitor for Soviet Union |} Gold 1983 Helsinki Pole vault Gold 1987 Rome Pole vault Gold 1991 Tokyo Pole vault {| ! colspan="4" | Competitor for Ukraine |} Gold 1993 Stuttgart Pole vault Gold 1995 Gothenburg Pole vault Gold 1997 Athens Pole vault {| ! colspan="3" | European Championships |} {| ! colspan="4" | Competitor for Soviet Union |} Gold1986 Stuttgart Pole vault

How high can a kangaroo pole vault?

It can't pole-vault because it couldn't hold onto a pole. If it could somehow, it wouldn't have the coordination to move the pole the way it should.

How high did Eric bell vault in the pole vault?

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