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His parents divorced in 2009. The reason is not known.

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They got divorced in 2009.

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Q: What happened to Rafa Nadal's parents?
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Who is nadals mentor?

Professional tennis player Rafael Nadal is mentored by the one and only, Toni Nadal, his uncle. Fun Fact: When Rafa was younger, Toni Nadal (who coached him back then as well) switched Rafa from being right-handed to left-handed, as he thought lefty's had an advantage in tennis.

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What is nadals sisters name?

Maria Isabel

Are Rafael Nadals parents alive?

Yes, very much. Unless they're really busy (which I assume they're not, at the moment), it's likely that they'll be in Paris with him for the French Open.

What is nadals date of birth?

June 4th 1986.

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