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In the early 1970's, my grandmother (Massey) told me about her 2nd or 3rd cousin named Arnaud Massy (note spelling) from France that had won numerous Opens (French Open - 4 times & was at age 48 in 1925) (1907 British Open) (1912/1925/1926 Spanish Open). I'm sorry but the only thing I remember from her stories is that she said it had rained like cats & dogs in 1907 during the British Open. The runner up (Vardin) in 1907 was from that area and was favored to win. You may want to e-mail the club ( to see if they have any records of the clubs he used. If you speak French then you may want to search for a copy of his book. It was translated to English but I have never seen a copy.

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Q: What golf clubs did Arnaud Massy play with and did he design or have his name on others?
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