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Q: What forces does hammer throw need?
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In the Hammer Throw what is the ball made from?

The ball used in hammer throw is made of steel.

Did Thor's hammer throw lightning?

Yes, Thor's Hammer did indeed throw lightning

What year was hammer throw introduced to the Olympics?

Men's hammer throw debuted at the 1900 Games in Paris and women's hammer throw debuted at the 2000 Games in Sydney.

When was IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge created?

IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge was created in 2010.

When was Peter Farmer - hammer throw - born?

Peter Farmer - hammer throw - was born in 1952.

What is the average distance for a proffessional's hammer throw?

the average distance for a male to throw a hammer is aroud 60m

Will you get hurt if you throw a hammer at your foot?

You will certainly get hurt if you throw a hammer at your foot and the hammer hits your foot - unless it is a very light hammer or you are wearing substantial foot protection.

How do you take apart a hammer throw hammer?

it love with friend :)

Does high school have the hammer throw?

Im not sure about the rules for other states, but i know the state of never doesn't let the high schoolers throw the hammer. In High School, the only state that has the hammer throw is Rhode Island.

How old is the hammer throw?

Longest hammer throw ever thrown with a 16lbs (7,256 kg) hammer by a man is 284,58 ft. (86,74 m) Longest hammer throw ever thrown with a 8,82 lbs (4 kg) hammer by a woman is 255,25 ft. (77,80 m)

What is the hammer throw made of?


How do you throw hammers in Mario bros 3?

In Super Mario Bros. 3, in order to throw hammers, you will need to enquire a hammer suit. The easiest place to find a hammer suit is the first toad house in world 6, the ice world.