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Q: What does the 20xi symbol on tiger woods hat mean?
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What do the letters on Tiger Woods head cover mean?

Tiger Woods

Can the announcers talk 10 min and not mention Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods is golf. The announcers are obsessed by him, I know what you mean, it gets boring very quickly.

The Tiger Woods One logo with a circle through it may mean hole in One True or False?

No, the One logo represents Tiger Woods, the world's number one.

WasTiger dropped by Nike?

No, Tiger Woods has not been dropped by Nike, they are sticking with him for the mean time.

What does a proptiger of property mean?

prop denotes property tiger is symbol of power.

List the richest players of the world one by one?

this depends what you mean by player, do you mean sport, then Tiger /woods wins that catagory,

What does the ONE mean on Tiger Woods Caps?

It is the type of ball he uses. He uses the 'Nike ONE Tour TW'. Plenty of Nike Players use this ball, but it was designed for Tiger Woods because he is world number one and the best player in the world.

What does Same Original Golfer mean when you are trying to get achievements in Tiger Woods 2008 xbox 360?

That means you have to use the same golfer that you have created. None of the golfers that came with the game, like Tiger.

Is it okay for your boyfriend to text his ex?

absolutly dont be a CB hes just trying to have a good time i mean look at tiger woods

Is earl woods good at golf?

If you mean Earl Woods - Tiger's father then yes he was. He died in May 2006 I think. If that is the Earl you meant then I just read an article dated April 2002 in Observer Sport Monthly where whilst being interviewed he talks about playing golf with Tiger at Christmas one year and after Tiger got a hole in one Earl said "I almost put one right on top of it" so I guess he wasn't bad. I asked the question did you mean Tiger's father because Tiger also has a stepbrother called Earl Woods Jr and I have no idea about him sorry. But Tiger's niece Cheyenne is supposed to be an up and coming golf star. I hope that's what you wanted. Good Luck

Are there cheat codes to tiger woods golf 07 for the Wii?

Yes, if you type cockTailWaitress into the WII, you get a very happy ending to the game....if you know what i mean ;-)

What does Vr mean on golf hats of PGA Tour?

It's a Nike brand. Victory Red. Tiger Woods wears a red shirt for the final round (of four) during golf tournaments. Tiger wins a lot. Hence Victory Red, Vr.