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Q: What does power leg float mean in indoor cycling?
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What does Honking mean in Cycling?

HONKING means to "ride out of the saddle" or standing. Honking is often used when accelerating or riding uphill. HONKING is also a trademarked term for a new form of indoor cycling group class.

What does cycling mean on a aquarium?

what does cycling mean

Why are there different cycling cleats for road cycling and off road cycling?

If by off road cycling, you mean mountain biking, the reason is primarily for the fact that mtn cleats get clotted with dirt and other junk when riding whereas you rarely clip out when on a road bike. Also, road cleats are more focused on power transfer or "float" (see to find out about float) since the issue of dirt and grime aren't as big as with mtn biking. I've used mtn Shimano SPD cleats for the first two years of my cycling career and did not find anything terribly bad with them, but there was definitely a huge difference once i switched to road specific cleats and pedals.

What does demesticated mean?

It mean that an animal is not from the outside in it an indoor pet. It mean that an animal is not from the outside in it an indoor pet.

What does indoor temperature mean?

Indoor temperature is the temperature indoors.

What does ciclismo mean in English?


Does suspend mean sink or float?


What does up cycling mean?

up cycling is not related to the sport of cycling. It is like recycling, but to re use the item to create something better/improve on it

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Divisions in cycling?

Do mean categories, such as in 1,2,3, Pro for road cycling or Elite, Semi-Pro, Expert for mountain bike racing...????

What does le ciclisme mean in English?

It is Cyclisme. Cycling (sports)

What does cyclic rhythm mean in music?

A pattern in music that is cycling:)