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Q: What does individual ball blind draw mean?
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What does the term center ball mean in pool?

Center ball refers to the point of contact between the cue and the cue ball. A center ball hit results in no english or side spin, no draw, and no follow.

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Blind me! O it's me who is blind. Blimme!

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Is using a pen for eyeliner bad?

Do you mean like a ball point pen ?? yes it is bad because it will affect ur eyes you could possibly go blind!! don't do that's !

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Did you mean ciego? If so, it means blind (a blind person) Some people (including me) misspell it siego

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the blind stik

What does the name Dallen mean?


What does Caecus mean in latin?


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"the way for the blind" or "blind"

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If the dog is truly blind, it will not see ANY light, so the light will mean nothing.

What does the idiom draw hand mean?

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What does blind mean in skate board language?

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