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There are two methods of timing a marathon: Gun Time or Real Time or Official Time: The time from the sound of the starter's signal to the time the runner crosses the finish line. Real Time or Chip Time: The time it takes to go from crossing the starting line to crossing the finish line. Races will supply runners with a computer chip, programmed with the runner's personal and race information, that is attached to one of their shoes, usually a shoelace. Some chips come with velcro and are attached around the ankle. The chip records when you cross the starting line, which has a mat that activates the timing, and when you cross the finish line, which also has a mat to deactivate the timing. Most large marathons use chip time since it allows runners to line up at the start with folks that can run about the same pace. They won't have to worry about pushing through slower paced runners to get to the front or being pushed by faster paced runners.

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Q: What does chip time mean in marathons?
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