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Usually the country club will provide you a uniform you have to wear.

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Q: What does a golf caddie have to wear?
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What are the release dates for The Golf Caddie's Dog - 1912?

The Golf Caddie's Dog - 1912 was released on: USA: 22 March 1912

Who can mark a golf card?

my caddie

Is the caddie an official in golf?

No. A caddie is an assistant to a golf player who handles various chores such as carrying the clubs, finding or cleaning the golf balls, and lifting the flag for putts.

Do i have to have a caddie in the golf channel amateur tour?

No there is no caddie needed. You do have the option but one is not required.

What is another word a great caddie in golf?

Another name for a golf caddie is looper. It is come from making a loop around the golf course. This term can be heard in the movie Caddyshack.

Any golf caddies or golf people?

I work as a golf caddie at Pebble Beach.

What would I expect a caddie to for me?

Carry your Golf clubs

Did Jim irsay caddie in a major golf?


What is the person who carries your golf clubs for you called?

a caddie

Does tiger wodds caddie fly with him?

A famous golf player the best golf player

Can gps caddie help improve golf scores?

I do not think that a gps caddie can help improve golf scores. Only practice can help you with your golf performance. A gps can only allow you to see where you should aim your ball.

Who introduced the term caddie to golf?

Mary Queen of Scot