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I play Golf and have never heard of a reference to "Nassau" in golf, however there is a golf course in Nassau Bahamas. I cant remember if that is Paradise Valley or Cable Beach it has been awhile since I have been there.

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Nassau 3 matches in one round. A point is allotted for the results of the first 9 holes, and another for the second 9; and another for the overall 18.

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A Bet

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Q: What does a Nassau refer to in golf?
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What does a Nassau refers to in the game of golf?

A "Nassau" is a type of golf bet. The typical bet is a "Two Dollar Nassau." This simply means that the players bet $2 on the front nine (whoever wins the front nine wins $2), $2 on the back nine, and $2 for the total 18. The most a single player can win is $6 in this scenario (win both nines and the entire round).

What does the back nine on golf course refer?

Holes 10-18 during an 18 hole round of golf.

What is the nickname of the world's largest golf sand trap?

The sand trap at Paradise Island Golf Club in Paradise Island, Nassau, The Bahamas (Right next to Atlantis Resort has the world's largest sand trap, which does not have a nickname.

Where is the Nassau Free Library in Nassau located?

The address of the Nassau Free Library is: 18 Church Street, Nassau, 12123 0436

What is the capital of nassau?

Nassau is the capital city of the Bahamas.

Does the word golf have plural form?

Yes, the word "golf" does not have a specific plural form as it is considered an uncountable noun. Instead, you can use phrases like "rounds of golf" or "games of golf" to refer to multiple instances of playing golf.

What Nassau is the capital of what country?

Nassau is the Capital of the Bahamas

What is the value of my pocket watch from the Nassau?

watch nassau

What island is Nassau the capital of?

Nassau is the capital city of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

When did Mechtild of Nassau die?

Mechtild of Nassau died in 1323.

When was Nassau-Saarbrücken created?

Nassau-Saarbrücken was created in 1381.

When did Nassau-Saarbrücken end?

Nassau-Saarbrücken ended in 1797.