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Q: What does PC mean in USTA Tournaments?
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What does Wd admin mean in USTA tournaments?

withdraw from an admin

What does Wd emerg mean in USTA tournaments?

It means Withdraw (emergency)

Where could one find information on Junior USTA Tournaments?

The Junior USTA web site has much information available on it's "Introduction to Junior Tournaments" page including Procedures, FAQ, Rules, Terminology and what the Junior USTA is. There is also a phone number included on the page which one can call for more information or to become a member.

What is the duration of Usta usta?

The duration of Usta usta is 2520.0 seconds.

When did Usta usta end?

Usta usta ended on 2011-05-03.

When was Usta wallengrenii created?

Usta wallengrenii was created in 1859.

What does clarior usta rogo mean?

"Clarior usta rogo" is not a complete sentence in Latin. "Clarior" means brighter, clearer; "usta" means burnt, charred; and "rogo" can mean I ask, I inquire, or I beg. So the phrase may translate to something like "I ask for clearer burns" but the meaning is unclear without more context.

When was Sabahattin Usta born?

Sabahattin Usta was born on 1990-07-07.

When was Fuat Usta born?

Fuat Usta was born on 1972-07-03.

When was Suat Usta born?

Suat Usta was born on 1981-08-03.

What does por que te usta la clase en numero 6 mean?

This phrase translates to "why do you like the class in number 6?" in English. It is asking for the reason why you enjoy or appreciate the class in question.

When was Mifta al-Usta Umar born?

Mifta al-Usta Umar was born in 1935.